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Guitar Tuition In Edinburgh

07973 222 154

Guitar Tuition In Edinburgh

Professional Guitar Lessons

Guitar Tutor Edinburgh


Hi. My name is Peter Storm. I offer guitar tuition in the Edinburgh area. Lessons in rock guitar, finger style acoustic, classical guitar, early music, lute music arrangements for guitar.


Learn basic strumming and chords, simple guitar tablature. Become familiar with the six string guitar, popular songs to more complex solo works, learn to play your favourite band or guitarist riffs. Learn how to use the plectrum and capo, slide guitar techniques, preparation of guitar parts in a band environment.


With only a half hour practice per day on your guitar, you could be playing your favourite songs in no time at all.


Please feel free to get in touch on 07973 222 154 for a relaxed and friendly guitar lesson.


Available for house calls


Guitar tuition offered for students of various abilities, beginners or serious, the music lover, the lazy unmotivated student always welcome round here.

"Thanks Peter for those guitar exercises, it`s working out great. Looking forward to the next lesson"

John, Morningside Edinburgh.


"Pete, the lads are doing well, driving me crazy with their guitars. See you in a fortnight."

Mrs Hamilton, Cramond, Edinburgh.

Guitar in the cupboard.

Guitar on the wall.

Stuck in the attic never played at all.

He bought it with good intention.

She bought it for rock'n'roll.

The days went by the months did fly.

Learning chords was a pain, that’s no lie.

Too many books to choose,

not always given accurate news,

You could tell they had the blues.

The more they struggled, the more confused.

The guitar stayed on the wall,

It was a shame, but not for all.


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